Saturday, December 31, 2011

Forever & Always

Hello !

I have so much to say, I really do not even know where to begin. My sister in law got me into blogging so now I am really excited to get started. Casey & I got married July 23, 2010 and we have been incredibly blessed :) Time has literally flown by over the past year and a half. Here are some of our wedding pictures ..

So far since Casey & I have been married we have been able to travel and add on to our family. In July 2010, we went on a cruise for our honeymoon to Cozumel and Progresso, Mexico. This wasnt just a typical honeymoon though, my brother and sister in law also went on the cruise with us :) Everyone always thought that was so weird, but my brother Brandon and Casey are BEST FRIENDS and my sister in law Ashley and I are inseperable !! We had so much fun made so many wonderful memories.

Dolphin Tour-Honeymoon

Honeymoon 2010

All of us on the cruise

Then December 30, 2010 my hubby and I were supposed to go to New York for New Years. We had a hotel room with a window veiw of the ball drop and the whole nine yards! Then of course just my luck, a HORRIBLE snow storm hit in New York and the night before we were supposed to leave we get a call from Jet Blue airlines and our flight had been canceled! I was completely devastated...I dont think Casey was too upset haha! I immediately called Casey's cousin ( Who lives in New Jersey ) and asked him to please help us find a way to get to New York! He stayed on the phone with me for hours and we finally were able to figure out a way to make it there, But it was definetely going to be a jouney! We got a flight from Houston to Orlando, Florida then changed planes in Orlando and went to Phillidelphia and in Philly we had to ride a train to New York. Whew, it was a long journey but we both enjoyed every minute of it. All of that crazy traveling was so worth it...New York was unbeleivable !! We came out of Grand Central Station on New Years Eve at about 9pm and it was a complete mad took us about an hour to get a cab to take us close to our hotel( I had a panic attack tryin to get a cab ) and then once we got to the street of our hotel the NYPD officers had to escort us to our hotel because we were going right through the mob of people that were waiting for the ball to drop. We ended up opening our hotel window on the 52nd floor and watching the ball drop!! While in New York we went to the David Letterman Show, Empire State Building, September 11th Meuseum, Ground Zero, Central Park, A Broadway Show ( Chicago ) , Staton Island, the Macy's ( which is unreal) !! I absouletely want to go back to New York someday!

Ball Drop

Yay it's 2011

We were on the screen in Times Square :)

View from the Empire State Building

Rockafeller Center

Then in June 2011 Casey & I went to Cancun for a week. We stayed at the Moon Palace Resort. The food there was horrible to me but the resort was GORGEOUS and the golf course was stunning! While we were there I was able to talk Casey into getting a couples massage and believe it or not he LOVED it!! We are so blessed to be able to travel, it is something I want to continue even after we have kids. As far as adding to our family, Casey was a package deal when I said yes I would marry him...He already had a Chocolate Lab named Dixie. She is totally crazy and a handful but we love her. Then in June 2010 Casey and I got a Maltapoo, named Rebel !! He is sooooooo sweet and has the cutest little personality ! He is definately my world (Even Casey gets jealous of my Rebel boy ) ! Both of our pups are wonderful !

Casey's favorite thing on vacation- Golfing

View from our balcony

Cancun 2011

Our litle family December 2011

 But, I saved the best news for last... On April 24, 2011 my sister in law brought 2 beautiful babies into this world that I am so grateful to call my nephews. They are identical twins named Drake and Hunter. They are so adorable and Casey & I both love them so much!

Now that Casey and I have been married for a year and a half, and had such an amazing time doing all of the things we have always wanted to do & having time alone, we are so excited to say that we are ready to start trying for a baby! Having a little Nowetner would be a dream come true..I know it isnt going to be an easy task for Casey & I but I am praying that all goes as we plan ! Hopefully 2012 will be the best year so far ...