Tuesday, April 10, 2012

12 Week Update: Boy ?!

Ahhh ! 12 weeks :)

Casey & I are just beyond excited that baby Nowetner is healthy and happy! When I was right at 11 weeks we had a scare that sent us to the emergency room to get things checked out. Come to find out it was nothing concerning to my doctor, just to mommy & daddy. We were so glad to hear that everything was okay and that the bleeding was "sub chronic bleeding" and doesn't directly effect the pregnancy. But enough about the scare and on to the good stuff :)

I had my 12 week appointment with Doctor Milner on April 5, 2012! Casey was able to come with me to this appointment, so it was his 1st time to see our lil one. Before the ultrasound the nurse checked my vitals. Blood pressure was good, but my heart rate was at like 124 ! That was pretty concerning to the nurse so she said relax and we will tell Dr. Milner when he gets in here. Dr.Milner came in and said lets get to the fun stuff and started my ultrasound right away ! The best part was watching Casey's face. I am not a very emotional person as it is but just seeing the excitement in Casey's face made me teary eyed. It was obvious that Casey will be a GREAT daddy :) Baby Nowetner was flipping and turning and twisting !!! Dr. Milner was trying to get a measurement of the crown to rump but baby was not cooperating very well ( I think that stubbornness comes from Mommy ) We started at the top and examined eyes, ears, fingers, arms.... and then we got to the gender area! Immediately Dr. Milner said Well I would bet a million dollars that its a BOY ! But he said its not his final ruling because at 20 weeks it will be a definite no doubt boy or girl...so as of now we are all pretty certain its a little boy but Casey and will be so excited either way ! A healthy baby is all we want. After my ultrasound Dr. Milner checked my pulse again and it was only 84 so apparently I get so excited and worked up to see baby my heart rate jumps up pretty high !

  Oh , and Casey and I are going with Lion King for the baby room ! I loved the Lion King as a child so I'm sure our little boy or girl will love it as well. I will be uploading pictures of the room pretty soon !