Tuesday, July 23, 2013

9 months old !

My sweet boy is growing up! 9 months old and he's like a Texas tornado ( but a very cute one ) .. I love seeing his little personality develop, he is such a sweet natured little boy. Just yesterday Casey and I were on the floor playing with him and we were just cracking up at him. He loves to make us laugh. Honestly I think he knows exactly what he is doing and is being such a little ham to brighten the day :) He might be somewhat of a class clown as he get older! ha ha- He LOVES and i mean LOVES to be around other kids. We are always around his cousins Drake, Hunter & Luke and he just can't get enough of them. He tries his hardest to stay right with the twins. I adore the fact that he has cousins that are so close in age to him. I have no doubt that they will be best friends for life. Now if only I could make him stop growing so fast! I hope and pray that he will always need his mommy because I don't know that I'll ever be ready to just let him go ( Now I can see why it was so emotional for our parents to watch us get married and move out etc. ) I love my little snuggle bunny. I swear every day Bowen looks more and more like his daddy!

This past month :

-Bowen got one top tooth ( its not completely in but we can see it clearly)
 and the 2nd top tooth is breaking through

-He started standing on July 3rd !

-We are up to taking about 28 steps! He is just now getting the confidence
 pull up on something and then take off walking on his own. He rarely lets me
 sit him down he wants to stand ALL the time

-He wears size 4 diapers and size 6-9 month outfits.

-He weighs 19.6 pounds

-He still loves bath time

-We celebrated his 1st July 4th at Ivanhoe and watched fireworks on the 
 pontoon boat

-He no longer eats baby food..its all table food. He still has formula but     
 typically only takes his night time formula out of a bottle. The other 2
 times he has formula he drinks it out of his sippy cup

-He is starting to understand what NO-NO means and we spat his little hand
 when he tries to grab things off the table. Half the time he still grabs for it
 over and over! My mom swears that he will be my pay-back! But once I really
 get stern with him he moves on when I say No-No

-He still naps twice a day but its normally a good 1.5 hour nap in the morning
 and only a 30 or 45 minute one in the evening

-He got his first haircut

-He also got his 1st real Boo-Boo while trying to walk

-We found out Bowen will have to have another hypospadias surgery on
 December 19, 2013 ! :( The first surgery did not heal correctly so they will try
 to repair and fix everything. I was not a happy Mommy but it's just what has
 to be done

I seriously love each and every stage more than the last. I feel like my baby has turned into a little boy! I am very proud of him. I look forward to all the giggles, tears,  & excitement that we will share along the way! Bowen...Mommy and Daddy love you so much. Know that we will always be your biggest fans!