Monday, September 15, 2014

Finding your Passion

My life is full of chasing an almost 2 year old around 24/7. This is in no way a complaint! I am still in shock that my boy is only a few weeks away from being 2. He is the biggest blessing that God could have ever given me.

Let me rewind a little....growing up softball was my passion. It was the one thing in life I felt I was 100% myself. When I was playing I had no fear, stress, only my love for the game! My senior year I decided that I didn't want to play softball. I had a different path in mind, I wanted to get married. My heart wanted to start a family but my head was spinning with thoughts about what would I be without softball. It may sound silly because softball is just a game right ?! It is just a game but after spending 14 years to better yourself and it being the center of your world it starts to define you. Casey and I got married and it was amazing. We traveled and did things as a couple, he is the man of my dreams. But that feeling of doing something that you love that was just for myself I missed. Casey has a passion for hunting and fishing and he prides himself on being a hunter. I was learning to be a wife ( which I love ) but other than that I had nothing. I needed something that was a passion !

Fast Forward....I have found that passion again! Being a mother is my passion. 100% it is what I love. It isn't exactly stress free....its more of a I wear my heart on my sleeve deal but it is my love. I don't just want to get through the day I want to be all I can. I want to make Bowen proud. I am learning each and every day. I can't speak for all mothers but I truly feel like God put me on this earth to be a mother, it is the hardest job I have but it so much more rewarding that I can explain. So no matter what the day brings Bowen will get my all !

Off the mushy gushy stuff ...

Bowen is a very active little boy! Sitting still is NOT an option. He has such a precious personality. He is so outgoing and silly. In fact, just the other day we were at the Dollar Store and every time we saw someone he would wave and say Hi, how are you? & if that person didn't acknowledge him he would get louder and louder until that person had no other choice but to speak lol. I'm glad he doesn't meet a stranger, he totally gets that from his daddy! On the other had he can definitely be as stubborn as the day is long. We have to get his attention quite often.

Bowen :

-wears size 18 months to 24 month clothes
- he only wears a diaper when he sleeps
- He can carry on a full conversation ( which still amazes me )
- He LOVES the vacuum
- Nemo is his new found movie
- He eats just about anything
- He typically goes to bed around 8:30 & will sleep in until 9 am
- He likes to take pictures
- He can count to 10 ( he misses # 8 sometimes )
- He can spell his name
- He loves to swim

We went on a river trip back in June with my family and we had a blast! We are hoping to go back again next summer.

This December we are going to Disney World with Casey's family and we can not wait!

October 12th will be Bowen's 2nd birthday yes it is Nemo themed !

I am looking forward to what the future holds. Birthdays, trips, Christmas and so much more!


xoxox Lacey