Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Best 18 Months of My Life.

As always Bowen is growing up way too fast. I feel like I have blinked and he is already a year and a half old. My baby boy is so full of life, and ALL BOY ! I have given up on Bowen ever having flawless skin without any bumps, bruises, "Bo-Bo's ", or scars.  He is my active rug rat ! If it involves climbing, running , outside, or any other active verb you can think of , Bowen is doing it.

He likes to watch bits of Barney or Mickey Mouse but the longest I have ever gotten him to sit still and watch TV is about 10 minutes but I'm not complaining. I love that he likes to be active. Heck I wish I had all of his energy to burn !!! This boy LOVES to eat , I seriously can not believe that he doesn't weigh so much more than he does. He will just about eat ANYTHING ! He's constantly asking for a snack, or telling me he wants to eat. He still has one nap per day. Usually it falls from about noon to 2, on occasion it will be 12-3. Bedtime is between 7:30 & 8:30 depending on his naps. Recently he has started wanting to sleep with his Simba stuffed animal ( you can only imagine my excitement for this considering his WHOLE room is in Lion King :) )  Most nights he loves bath time, he will lay on his belly and put his mouth under water and blow bubbles. I tried to teach him how to float one night in the bath tub but it was very unsuccessful and extremely scary so I have not attempted that again lol.

He amazes me with his vocabulary. I cant even count how many words he knows right now. He is such a little parrot that he continues to learn words it seems like daily. Here are just a few of the two or 3 words he puts together off the top of my head:

-love you
-hold you
-shoes on
-Mama you
- up above world ( when he singing twinkle twinkle little star.
- bite of dat (that)  please
- SIT DOWN ! ( he yells at Rebel and Dixie )
- more please

When he cooperates he will count to ten well kind of lol ! I say 1 he says 2 , I say 3..4, he says 5-6 , I say 7 and he says 8, 9, and 10 !

He also knows some ABC's   ... only A B C D E ! but its a start

 He is OBSESSED with the vacuum, it's totally not normal ! He will ask for the vacuum several times a day and go to the linen closet waiting for me to show it to him. He's a nut :) My parents bought him a rocking horse when he was only like 2 month old but just the other day I got it out so he could play with it. It's a horse that when you push his ear he makes horse noise and moves his head ...OMGSH Bowen freaked out on me! It was kind of funny until these big crocodile tears came pouring out, then I was just broken hearted knowing it scared him that bad.

Bowen was officially potty trained at 17 months ! I am so grateful that he only wears a diaper when he sleeps. I love little boy undies :)  There was some negativity from people for potty training at a young age but I knew my own child and knew that he was showing signs that he was ready. Its my job to teach him things not hold him back. Anyways, he has done really well. Accidents will happen occasionally but that's okay :)

We wear size 2t undies :)
size 12 months in some things and size 18 months in some !
size 4 or 5 shoes !

We are in a "NO" phase right now. At first it was all fun and cute but after a few times of telling me NO I realized we have to stop this right now . So Bowen is getting some spats for being the NO word. He is starting to catch on. But my mom always told me that one of my kids would be my payback and I whole hearted believe that Bowen is it ! I wouldn't trade him for the world though !

Casey and Bowen have a wonderful relationship but I would still have to say he is a Momma's boy! I will enjoy it now because I know it wont be long and Bowen will want to be with Daddy fishing and hunting and doing whatever boys do !

These have been the best 18 months of my life as Bowen's mommy. Watching him grow is such a beautiful blessing. I know I say this over and over but my heart is just so full of love, I really can't explain it. It's an endless love that grows more each day. Love you baby boy !