Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Baby Bowen is 5 Months Old !

Why is time just flying by ?!? My sweet little man is already 5 months old! As much as I am enjoying watching him grow and go through each stage I feel like it's all happening so fast. Bowen is such an active baby. He wants to crawl so bad but we just aren't there yet...He will flop like a fish though :) He adores his jumperoo! My favorite thing is when I put him in the jumperoo and go to the restroom or walk out of the room for just a second, & when I come back in the room and he sees me  he goes crazy jumping in excitement!! It melts my heart. He is so expressive. He might look like his Daddy but he sure can give a mean look like his Momma. His voice is very raspy ( my parents said I had a little raspy voice as a baby ). Bowen is constantly putting a smile on my face, sometimes he seriously just cracks me up. This age right now is wonderful. In his own ways he is learning and growing and starting to get more of a personality & he amazes me each day! We are definitely in a good routine now! 

Morning time after wake up - Cereal with Fruit, then bottle
Nap around 11 or Noon ( usually a 2 hours nap or so )
Lunch time we have a jar of Veggies and bottle
Afternoon nap normally between 3 & 4
Bath around 7:45 to 8
Bottle immediately after bath with cereal and fruit in it
Bed until the morning !

This bedtime routine was not easy at first! When I first had Bowen I was totally against the cry-it-out method. But we got to a point where Bowen was waking several different time during the night and there was no way he was hungry or hurting in any way ( having all his bottles and 3 jars of baby food is way more than enough ! ) So I had no other choice than the cry it out method. He needed to learn to self soothe during the night. I was really dreading the first night of letting my baby cry...I just want him to always feel loved. But to my amazement it was only 12 minutes to crying, and only 4-5 minutes of a hard cry. Then he was out ! He woke up around 2 am that night and cried for about 8 minutes and back to sleep until 7 ! We repeated that routine for about a week, and now I lay him down, rarely does he even cry at all and if he does its more like whining for a minute or 2 then he sleep until around 6 is WONDERFUL. I am so glad we started this !

This past month Bowen has also :

- started to really reach for his bottle and put it in his mouth
- he LOVES outside
- wants to follow his routine !!!
- I really think he is teething!
- wears some 3-6 month cloths but mostly 6 month clothes
- we are in size 2 diapers
- He eats 2 jars of fruit baby food & 1 jar of Veggies every day!
- He has a new cousin born March 13, 2013 - Luke Arthur Olive 8lbs 7oz
- Has started with STRANGER DANGER !
- is such a mommas boy !
- Last time at the doctor he weighed 15lbs 8oz
- loves to take naps with Mommy in the big bed
- celebrated his 1st St. Patricks Day
- Rebel (our puppy) went missing 3/13/2013 but we found him the next day and Bowen was happy to see him :)

Bowen Michael is our world -- We can not wait to watch him grow. I am very blessed and can not imagine my life without him. I love you to the moon and back Bowen.

Until next month ....