Friday, September 20, 2013

Woah! 11 months old :)

Months are literally flying by....I really just want time to slow down. Don't get me wrong, I love watching Bowen grow and develop and I couldn't be more proud to his Mommy, but I already miss all the holding him, cuddling, and all the baby stuff. BUT lets face it my 11 month old is NOT a little baby anymore. He is a determined, independent, & sweet little toddler!  He is into EVERYTHING ( cabinets, climbing, chords, plugs, basically anything you can think of you he is ALL over it lol ) With that said, Bowen is also a very happy and loving little boy. He constantly has a smile bigger than Texas on his face. He loves to make us laugh. He gives the absolute best kisses. I know I say this every single month, but it's 100 % the truth...Bowen's personality emerging more and more. He is the stubborn little thing, but in the same sense he is sooo darn lovable and goofy. I am so very blessed to have him in my life!!!

I know when Bowen was 1st born I mentioned to everyone how much it changes your relationship with your spouse because they are no longer the only one to have your heart. Seeing Casey 11 months ago meet our little boy I fell more in love with him just by seeing him hold and love Bowen, now the love has grown leaps and bounds....You know you have a awesome husband and the BEST daddy for your children when he doesn't mind making silly faces in public just to see your little man smile, or when he will literally sing all different little songs to help your baby fall asleep. Casey has been nothing short of amazing when it comes to being a father. Thanks for all you do babe.

Over this past month Bowen :

- is running lol
-goes from sitting to standing with ease
- climbing
- wears size 9-12 month clothes
- wears size 4 pampers diapers
- says   DaDa, MaMa, NanNan, Pop, Dog, "Ebel" for Rebel, Bo
-waves bye bye and says bye bye sometimes
- when we yell Touchdown he does the touchdown signal
-is completely off bottles and formula
- by my home scale he weighs 21.4 lbs
-has 6 teeth and I think 2 on the way
- loves baths and water
- loves outside
- will eat anything and everything
- caught his first fish ( with PawPaws help)
- celebrated his 1st Labor Day

I can't believe that my next blog will be when he is ONE year old..!

Oh sweet boy I love you! Please always be a mommy's boy !!!

Happy 11 months