Thursday, July 19, 2012

27 Weeks and Counting !

Time for an update !!

@ 25 Weeks - We had a 3D Ultrasound done ! Casey & I were both kind of freaked out about how 3D would look but we totally LOVED it. We invited my sister in law to go & we were all amazed at how neat this ultrasound was. We can already tell that Bowen is a spitting image of Casey, good thing he's cute ;) ! We will definitely have to go back around 35 to 38 weeks and do another 3D ultrasound.

Think he looks like his Daddy at all ?!

Casey finally felt Bowen kick at 25 weeks & 3 days...I screamed because I was so happy I probably scared Bowen and Casey haha ! We are just so thankful for our little angel...

This past weekend Casey & I kept our almost 15 month old twin nephews overnight...We had so much fun, including the 4 am wake up and stinky diapers! Drake and Hunter are such good little boys and I love the stage that they are at. They are learning things so quickly it's been amazing to be such a huge part of their life as they grow each day! Here are some of our pictures from the weekend...

Now I owe a BIG thank you to my sister n law... this week ( 27 weeks ) was the first time that I have really been maternity clothes shopping. Before I was just wearing blousy tops and bigger pants and capris....little did I know that maternity clothes would look 100 times betters and make me feel 100 times better ! We went to Motherhood Maternity and bought the whole store I think ! But it was worth every penny. I finally look 27 weeks preggo instead of chubby :)

Here we are @ 27 weeks !

My last monthly doctors appointment is July 23rd :) Then we start going every 2 weeks..EKKK !