Thursday, June 20, 2013

Mr. Bowen is 8 months old!

I know I say this each and every month but I just can not figure out how times goes by so fast ! My little boy is 8 months old. He is growing and learning so quickly that it amazes me. When I look at him I feel unbelievably blessed. Half the time I just stare at him in amazement that God allowed Casey and I to create such a beautiful little life. Being his mommy has filled my heart with so much joy. Everyone always says when you become a mother your life is over but I look at it as my life is just beginning.

This past month Bowen has really gained a lot of confidence with his crawling and pulling up. When I say he pulls up on EVERYTHING , I am not exaggerating ! There is absolutely no way to keep him in one place. We started eating real foods ( mashed potatoes, raviolis, peas, Mac n cheese , spaghetti , yogurt and so much more ) Bowen is definitely my little eater! Again just like his Da-Da : ) over this past month Bowen has really started jabbering . He tells the best stories !!

The biggest thing that has happened this past month is Bowen had his hypospadias surgery at Texas Children's Hospital on Monday June 17th. This was very nerve racking for me. My little boy had to be put to sleep and I just wasn't okay with it at all but what other choice did I have.? But I have to say, our experience at Texas children's was as pleasant as it could be ! The anesthesiologist , his doctor and the nurses were all amazing. Bowen is still recovering but is doing well for the most part . The catheter is causing Bowen to have bladder spasms when he has a bowel movement which is no fun. I hate that there is nothing I can do for him. His pain meds work great for the first 5 hours but the last hour that its supposed to last I can really see a difference in him. But through this experience I learned that my Bowen Michael is a trooper !! Nothing can keep him down :)

We love the pool . I have a water bug

We are wearing size 6 months and 6-9 months clothes

We are in size 3 diapers but on the verge of moving to size 4 ( right now with the catheter we are wearing both sizes since he has to wear 2 diapers )

He still has formula but its in a sippy cup except for his night time bottle .

I know walking isn't too far now , He can pull up and walk down the couch or coffee table holding on.

We are still battling ear infections. He has been on antibiotics for 20 days. Hopefully he can get rid of them, otherwise I'm afraid he will have to have tubes in his ears :/

We are at the stage where he is a total Momma's boy :) I can't lie , I totally love it lol

My baby boy is growing like a weed! He is my best friend and pray that he will always feel how loved he really is. We love you to the moon and back Bowen!! <3 happy 8 months sweet pea!!