Monday, October 29, 2012

40 weeks...The Big News

October 18, 2012 :

I went to the doctor for my 40 week appointment. We were going to do a non-stress test, ultrasound and regular exam because I had zero progress with Bowen. Dr. Milner just wanted to make sure our little boy was not in any kind of danger. If things were fine then I would go back the following Monday and do the whole thing at the doctors office again. I was so ready to meet our little man that I can remember being semi annoyed and disappointed that I showed no sign of labor happening anytime soon. But I was just waiting for things to happen.....

I got to the doctors office and they called me back to have an ultrasound to measure Bowen's fluids and look at the placenta. As I was laying on the table Dr. Milner and his nurse noticed that high on my belly Bowen was really poking out, so they started trying to guess what body part was sticking out by just feeling. Dr. Milner said...maybe his butt.. the nurse thought it was his knees ... so to see who was right he started the ultrasound. The next thing I heard was Dr. Milner say .." Uh - Oh ...Looks like we are all wrong. You might not be too happy with this mom ". My heart immediately sank..I was thinking his fluids were off or something was majorly wrong. Finally Dr. Milner told me that the body part sticking out was Bowen's head. Our baby boy was breech. Dr. Milner told the nurse to let me get up and dressed and head to his office to schedule a C- section. In that moment, I was so full of different emotions that I really was just shocked and didn't know what to say. I went to Dr. Milners office and he explained why a c-section was the right call for a breech baby and he called the hospital and scheduled it for October 20, 2012 at 9:45 a.m.

I left the doctor and called Casey. I told him that Saturday we would meet our baby boy and that I would have to have a C-section. As soon as I got those words out I burst into tears ! Everything was hitting me at once...nerves , reality, happiness, you name it and I felt it ! Casey was so good, he calmed me down and talked me through it. I could tell that reality was setting in for him to though. We told our family and friends right away ( I think I cried on the phone with everyone I talk to that day ). So from then on it was just waiting until Saturday and enjoying the last 2 days of being a pregnant lady.

October 20, 2012 could not come fast enough !!!!

Monday, October 8, 2012

So Close but Yet so Far !

We are finally almost there ( we hope) !  Since my last blog... I had two more wonderful baby showers. My work threw me a baby shower on September 14th and it was a lot of fun and Bowen got so much! I am very fortunate to work with amazing people who are so supportive and excited for Casey and I to have Bowen. God has blessed Casey & I so much that sometime I need to pinch myself to see if all this is REAL!

Then my neighbor, Jennifer, gave me a shower the evening of the 14th & guess what?! It was just as incredible as the rest :) The decorations were adorable, the food was fabulous but most of all just getting to spend time with my neighbors and family made the night ! Needless to say Bowen has almost everything you can imagine...He is already one rotten little boy.

Now that I am getting to the end of my pregnancy, Casey and I are getting so antsy! We are just so ready to meet our little man. I started my weekly doctor visits at 36 weeks but nothing has really happened. At 38 weeks my cervix had a small change ( starting to open ) but that's about it. I went for my 39 week appointment today and Dr. Milner had told me that if I had some significant changes that he would induce me on October 12th... But little Bowen just isn't ready yet. I think our families thought I would be really upset if I couldn't be induced on the 12th but I'm not upset at all. I want a healthy boy and I know that God has a plan and knows just the right time for Bowen to make his entrance into this world. Besides, No one stays pregnant forever, right ?! ;)

left to right ( 36,37, & 38 weeks )

39 week pic

Here is my note to Bowen...

Hi Baby boy ! Mommy and Daddy are so beyond ready and excited to meet you. I get so excited to go to the doctor every week and hear your heartbeat and find out if we had had any progress. So far you are taking your sweet time, but that is okay... we love you and want you to be ready when you enter this big world we live in. Until then we will still talk to you everyday, get excited with every movement you make and dream about meeting you. We love you so much sweet boy. Stay comfy and cozy until you decide its time ! <3 Mommy !