Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Our Journey to 4

A new year brings many different things for people but this year for us we are hoping it brings a baby.

I figured it's time to start blogging about our decision to become a family of four....

 Casey and I have been wanting and thinking of starting this journey for several months now. With my fertility issues there isn't a typical "if it happens it happens" scenario. We have used Clomid a couple times but when it didn't happen we didn't make doctors appointments or fret over it because at that point we weren't truly set on it happening. However now we are ready to do whatever is necessary to have another little one.

So, with that being said here goes nothing. I'm extremely sensitive to the fact that my body doesn't function properly. It has taken a lot of reassuring from Casey, family and doctors that it is okay. I don't always feel that way. I put my heart into it and I feel responsible and feel like I let my family down if things don't happen in that area of our life. I am thankful that we do have Bowen this time because that takes some of the pressure off for me. If its in God's plan that we only ever have Bowen then that's okay with us.

Dr. M (my doctor) retired August of 2014. I was sincerely sad because he was not just a typical doctor. He felt like so much more. He delivered me, my brother and Bowen. He was who helped me begin and understand my fertility issues and last but not least he kept Bowen and I healthy and safe during my pregnancy. In fact, this is how special he really is...I got a call mid August of 2014 from his office. I didn't answer because I didn't hear it ring and I noticed a little while later that I had a voicemail. I was totally expecting an automated call or something.  I hit play on my voicemail and it was Dr. M asking me to call him because he had some things to discuss with me. Immediately I call back and he goes on to tell me that he will be retiring late August and he wanted to know if I wanted him to call in any of my fertility meds before he left (Provera & Clomid). He explained that he didn't want me to have to see a new doctor and go through any unnecessary testing and explanation if I didn't have to. He called is a jump start and he ended up calling in a 3 month supply of both. I am so grateful for this! I might need to see another doctor at some point if the 3 month supply doesn't work but I'll cross that bridge when we get there.

I started my Provera January 12,  2015. 10 days of that and then we wait! Next if that works and my cycle starts it will be Clomid day 4-8. Fingers crossed!

I am doing my best to not let the process consume me but I might already have a list of names, how we will announce and what doctors I want to see.

In all seriously it is in God's hands and we will pray about it. We know that wherever this path takes us, it is where we are meant to go.

Updates to follow.

Xoxo - Lacey