Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Over Half Way There !

Sorry its been a while since my last blog! We've had alot happen since then so that's what I am going to focus on here.

Well 1st ... Baby Bowen is doing wonderful :) I went to my 20 week appointment on May 31st and my doctor measured all of his little bones, head, and heartbeat. He is right on track. Casey & I absolutely love getting to see him any chance we get. He is very active and loves to have his little hands around his mouth. I am convinced that we are going to have a little thumb sucker. Haha! Just recently ( & I am now almost 23 weeks ) I have really started to feel Bowen move. I mean I felt little flutters around 18 weeks or so but now its a million times stronger. I look forward to every little movement, basically Bowen and I have a party in my belly every night :) Casey wants to be able to see and feel Bowen so bad but I know its not too far from that ! I also wanted to share that I bought a " Pocket Fetal Doppler" for like $ 60 online and it is wonderful. Casey and I listen to Bowen's heartbeat every night before we go to bed. It is totally worth the money makes Mommy and Daddy smile. I highly recommend it!!!

This is our sweet little Baby Boy ... Bowen Michael Nowetner ! Due 10/18/12

Now that I bragged on my little man, I have to share a couple of unfortunate events that happened :( ...

All throughout my pregnancy I have had plans of a lady that lives in my hometown and keeps a few kids at her house to keep Bowen. Literally the minute I found out I was pregnant I asked her if she would be able to keep him and she told me yes. As the weeks went on we talked more and more about it and she told me how much she was going to charge me and what all I would need to leave at her house etc. I was so relieved to have someone like her keep our sweet little boy. Until just a couple of weeks ago, she dropped a bomb on me and told me that she wouldn't not be able to keep Bowen anymore. I was devastated....& the way that I found out made it even worse, I wont go into too much detail nor say any names. However, lets just say a friendship was most definitely lost over it and its not something that I will just be able to get over right now. But at the same time I know in my heart God obviously has different plans for my new little family! I have found another SWEET lady that also keeps kids at her house and I really really really hope it works out! She told me from the beginning God brings people in your life at exactly the right time and I know she is 100 % right about that. I have a really good feeling about her and Casey and I are going to meet with her and her family very soon so keep your fingers crossed.

Switching gears a little bit... Casey's Nana got put in the hospital for having extremely high blood pressure and fluid around her heart. It was so scary ! She had to spend 8 nights in a darn hospital bed but I know one thing, She had a guardian angel with her at all times. I know her sweet husband ( Casey's PawPaw ) was right with her getting her through the tough time. After all the testing they did on her it came down to Nana having to take Dialysis 3 times a weeks. I know its not good news per say but the doctors are confident that it will make her feel sooo much better and give her more energy once enough time has passed. Casey, Bowen & I just want a healthy, happy Nana.! Just keep Nana is your prayers...She is on the right track now.

Casey & I just got back from a week long trip to Fort Walton, Florida with my family. It was my mom and dad, my brother and his wife and their beautiful little twin boys. We all had a blast. We relaxed at the beach and pool, went to the Gulfarium, ate way to much and enjoyed the week together! Ill most likely post a full blog just about Florida soon ! 

xoxo Lacey Nowetner xoxo