Saturday, December 28, 2013

My life as a Mommy, Christmas and Bowen's 2nd surgery !

Bowen is growing so quickly. He is already a little over 14 months old! Life over this past year has literally flown by, I have to really really think hard to remember my little boy as a 7 lb 14 oz  baby.

The whole time I was pregnant with Bowen I assumed that I knew exactly what being a mother would be like. But boy was I wrong ..! I could have never dreamed how wonderful, demanding , and how big of a blessing being a mother is. There are times I catch myself just looking at Bowen in amazement. How did Casey and I create this beautiful little boy? All i know is , Bowen is my miracle. I thank God for him and pray that I can always be the mother to him that he deserves and the mother that the Lord knows I can be.

Don't get me wrong, I am not claiming that motherhood is always easy and full of laugh and giggles every day. In fact, from about 13 months to 14 months Bowen went through this stage that nothing made him happy. From the time I would pick him after work to the time he went to bed, he was a total fuss bucket. At first, I thought maybe he was teething, but teething had never been this bad for Bowen. So once Tylenol wasn't doing the trick I thought maybe he was getting sick. Took him to the doctor and all was well. From there we tried everything...peek a boo, literally on our hands and knees trying to play with anything and everything, playing outside , long baths. I am not exaggerating when I say we tried everything and nothing seemed to help. I felt like such a failure. I would go to lay in bed at night and cry. What was wrong with my baby and why couldn't I figure it out.? I wanted to make him happy. I would pray that I was doing things right and I wasn't the cause of Bowen's unhappiness. Finally I called my sister n law and asked her if the twins ever went through a phase like this and she assured me it was totally normal and that it will pass. And finally it did.....But with that said, I wouldn't change a single thing because even through that it help me grow as a mother ( & hopefully when we decide for baby number 2 I will know this stage is coming lol )

More than anything, being Bowen's Mommy is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me. He more than anyone else has taught me so much. One of my huge flaws as a person and wife before having Bowen was PATIENCE. I seriously had none. Now, I feel that it is much better, not perfect but so much better. Bowen is the sweetest. He loves to give kisses!! Open mouth kisses and I adore them !!! He is becoming so independent. He will play with Casey and I for a while and then he will go to the playroom and he wants time to play by himself. He wants to try to feed himself ( we make a holy mess but its fun :) ) One of the things I love is that now he will come and hold my hand & take me where he wants to go. There is just something about those little tiny fingers around mine that melts me. Many people have asked us when we want to have another baby and we don't exactly have an answer, but we do know that right now our hearts are filled with so much love for Bowen that we are not in any rush. When the time is right the Lord will let us know.

Bowen now says many words and will mimic almost anything we say.

Mama, DaDa, MeMe, PawPaw, Nanny, Pop, Nana, D for uncle David, Eat , Please, thank you, Dixie, Rebel, bye bye , hi ,cheese, love you, good, night night, diaper, dog, bath and im sure a few more !

He weighs roughly 22 pounds

He loves to play in my Tupperware 

He is still in size 4 diapers and wears size 12 month clothes and size 4 shoes

Bowen had his second surgery due to being born with hypospadias on December 19th. 5 days after surgery the doctor said everything looked great but as of today I am not sure its all healing right. I'm trying to be hopeful. poor baby has gone through enough.

Christmas this year was beyond amazing for Bowen. He is one loved and blessed little boy. Our house has become Toys R Us but that's perfectly fine with me. It's Bowen's world and we just live in it -haha - With each and every year I know Christmas's will only get much more fun and magical.

I love you Bowen Michael....You are my sunshine.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Bowen Michael Nowetner's 1st year of life. Happy Birthday My SweetBoy..!

Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday Dear Bowen
Happy Birthday to You  !

 I write this blog with tears just running down my cheeks. Most are happy tears because I am so incredibly blessed to have Bowen in my life. Watching him grow and develop into this wonderful little boy has been the most rewarding thing I have ever experienced. He truly brings Casey and I so much joy.

I always sing this song to him:

" You are my sunshine, my only sunshine
   You make me happy, when skies are grey
   You'll never know dear, how much I love you
    So Please, don't take my sunshine away "

Those words have never been more true. With every beat of my heart, my love for him grows deeper and deeper. With every cry or hurt he goes through, my heart breaks for him. It is amazing how one precious little life makes the whole world look different. My little family is by no means perfect, but it is perfect for me!

Now, my sad tears....that's because I really can't comprehend how 1 whole year flew by. The memories of Bowen as a newborn are starting to slowly fade. They will never be gone, but they aren't as clear as they used to be. It is sad that I have to stop and think about what age he hit certain milestones! It is sad that I have to look through pictures to really remember exactly what he looked like as a baby. But with that said, I am grateful that I blog and print monthly books so that I will always be able to remember small details that sometimes fade away with time. I am just being selfish...there shouldn't be anything sad about Bowen turning 1 ! So I'm throwing away the sad tears !!!

October 20, 2012 - I do remember this day so well. Casey & I were up at 4:15 am to get ready to head to the hospital for my C-section. We both are not morning people, but 1 year ago today we JUMPED out of bed with these nervous smiles all over our faces. I think we were scared, nervous and extremely happy all at the same time. I remember in the car ride to the hospital it was pitch black outside but Casey and I would just look over at each other and start laughing. It was almost like we were a new couple all giddy and so in love. Bowen Michael had already began to change our lives. I remember friends and family wishing us luck as I was still in Pre-Op & that's when my nerves really set in. My mind was all over the place.


 & the list goes on and on ....

BUT on October 20, 2012 @ 9:18 am when I heard Bowen's 1st cry, none of the questions mattered anymore. I knew that I may not be the BEST at everything but I would ALWAYS do the best to my ability. There wasn't a single doubt that Bowen Michael Nowetner was meant for Casey and I and we were meant for him! My life has been forever changed and I am so thankful for every single moment we get with our precious baby boy.

-- Bowen now has 8 teeth

-- Can Say : Mama, Dada, Dog, Bo, Pop, Nan-Nan, Taco, Aw, NO, Paw Paw(this one he has only said a couple times ) & MeMe.

-- he can patty cake now!

-- climbs on everything
--wears size 4 diapers

--size 9-12 months & 12 month clothes he has one pair of shorts that are 6-9 months we squeeze him into.

-- size 3 shoes

--loves to eat anything! runs lol

-- still loves to cuddle with us at night time

-- drinks 2 cups of milk a day

-- eats all table food

--got sick with a virus...ran fever for 4 days straight! By far the worst sickness he's had.
-- Just got his second DOUBLE ear infection.
We celebrated Bowens birthday with family and friends on October 12, 2013 . We had a Mickey Mouse themed party and I think Bowen really enjoyed it! Thanks to everyone that came and celebrated with us. We are very blessed to have such awesome family and friends !! Thanks again..! I will do a separate blog for pictures of his birthday party and from the Children's Museum for his real birthday today. 

Happy Birthday Bowen- over this past year you have been the light in our lives. I am so proud to be your Mommy. Daddy & I love you more than you will ever know. Hope your 1st Birthday is everything you wish for.


Friday, September 20, 2013

Woah! 11 months old :)

Months are literally flying by....I really just want time to slow down. Don't get me wrong, I love watching Bowen grow and develop and I couldn't be more proud to his Mommy, but I already miss all the holding him, cuddling, and all the baby stuff. BUT lets face it my 11 month old is NOT a little baby anymore. He is a determined, independent, & sweet little toddler!  He is into EVERYTHING ( cabinets, climbing, chords, plugs, basically anything you can think of you he is ALL over it lol ) With that said, Bowen is also a very happy and loving little boy. He constantly has a smile bigger than Texas on his face. He loves to make us laugh. He gives the absolute best kisses. I know I say this every single month, but it's 100 % the truth...Bowen's personality emerging more and more. He is the stubborn little thing, but in the same sense he is sooo darn lovable and goofy. I am so very blessed to have him in my life!!!

I know when Bowen was 1st born I mentioned to everyone how much it changes your relationship with your spouse because they are no longer the only one to have your heart. Seeing Casey 11 months ago meet our little boy I fell more in love with him just by seeing him hold and love Bowen, now the love has grown leaps and bounds....You know you have a awesome husband and the BEST daddy for your children when he doesn't mind making silly faces in public just to see your little man smile, or when he will literally sing all different little songs to help your baby fall asleep. Casey has been nothing short of amazing when it comes to being a father. Thanks for all you do babe.

Over this past month Bowen :

- is running lol
-goes from sitting to standing with ease
- climbing
- wears size 9-12 month clothes
- wears size 4 pampers diapers
- says   DaDa, MaMa, NanNan, Pop, Dog, "Ebel" for Rebel, Bo
-waves bye bye and says bye bye sometimes
- when we yell Touchdown he does the touchdown signal
-is completely off bottles and formula
- by my home scale he weighs 21.4 lbs
-has 6 teeth and I think 2 on the way
- loves baths and water
- loves outside
- will eat anything and everything
- caught his first fish ( with PawPaws help)
- celebrated his 1st Labor Day

I can't believe that my next blog will be when he is ONE year old..!

Oh sweet boy I love you! Please always be a mommy's boy !!!

Happy 11 months


Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Bowen is 10 Months Old

Oh wow, my little man is getting so big. 10 months old ! Before you know it we will be singing him HAPPY BIRTHDAY on his 1st birthday .... Now more than ever his little personality is emerging and I am loving watching him develop. He does have a bit of temper at time but the biggest quality that stands out to me is how determined he is. I can tell him "NO-NO" move him away from whatever he is after and he automatically heads right back to it. (even after a few spats on his hands lol). He is such a happy baby, constantly smiling or being a little ham. He is so independent now, which hurts my heart because I love to snuggle with him!! But now that he is walking he has places to go and people to see :) ! Casey and I have noticed over the past couple to weeks that he is in love with Casey's guitars. Anytime he get the opportunity to go into our front bedroom ( where all the guitars are ) he immediately heads straight for them. He beats and bangs on them mumbles dada-baba-maaaa - I consider it his singing !! None the less, he needs a guitar ASAP! Don't worry I am already on it, Christmas shopping has already started at the Nowetner house. When Bowen was only a couple months old I decided to make one of our extra rooms a playroom for Bowen. Everyone thought I was totally nuts because it would be a while before Bowen would really learn to enjoy a mickey mouse playroom. But let me tell you what it was seriously the best idea I have had..! He loves having all of his toys in there with a TV he will move around the room playing with whatever makes him happy at the moment!! This room should last him quite a while !

Fun Facts:

Bowen is walking now! The only thing that he is lacking is going from sitting to standing. He can pull up on any surface and walk forever. He will literally walk around babbling forever. He can blend down and pick something up and keep walking just not sit to stand yet.

He went to his first wedding on July 27, 2013 - His Aunt Samy & Uncle Kyle got hitched!

He is wearing size 4 diapers

Size 9-12 month clothes. Now that he is walking I prefer him in separates instead of onesies & rompers

He typically only has his night time bottle. He still has his formula but he just drinks it out of a cup.

He is eating all table food and he LOVES it.

He says Da-Da and Maaaa-ma but its a chore to get him to say Mama ! Dada is always coming out.

He loves his Laugh and Learn House!

Outside fascinates him

Rebel and Dixie are his best friends

We picked out his birthday décor already ( Mickey Mouse)

Watching Bowen grow these past 10 months has been nothing short of amazing. I look back at his newborn picture and thank the lord for putting this beautiful miracle in my life. Casey and I can not imagine our life without him. I get teary eyed at times just thinking how wonderful he is. Even in the times of teething, getting peed on, belly aches & sleepless night...there is not one thing I would change at all about having my baby boy.

I love you so much Bowen Michael... Happy 10 months sweat pea!




Tuesday, July 23, 2013

9 months old !

My sweet boy is growing up! 9 months old and he's like a Texas tornado ( but a very cute one ) .. I love seeing his little personality develop, he is such a sweet natured little boy. Just yesterday Casey and I were on the floor playing with him and we were just cracking up at him. He loves to make us laugh. Honestly I think he knows exactly what he is doing and is being such a little ham to brighten the day :) He might be somewhat of a class clown as he get older! ha ha- He LOVES and i mean LOVES to be around other kids. We are always around his cousins Drake, Hunter & Luke and he just can't get enough of them. He tries his hardest to stay right with the twins. I adore the fact that he has cousins that are so close in age to him. I have no doubt that they will be best friends for life. Now if only I could make him stop growing so fast! I hope and pray that he will always need his mommy because I don't know that I'll ever be ready to just let him go ( Now I can see why it was so emotional for our parents to watch us get married and move out etc. ) I love my little snuggle bunny. I swear every day Bowen looks more and more like his daddy!

This past month :

-Bowen got one top tooth ( its not completely in but we can see it clearly)
 and the 2nd top tooth is breaking through

-He started standing on July 3rd !

-We are up to taking about 28 steps! He is just now getting the confidence
 pull up on something and then take off walking on his own. He rarely lets me
 sit him down he wants to stand ALL the time

-He wears size 4 diapers and size 6-9 month outfits.

-He weighs 19.6 pounds

-He still loves bath time

-We celebrated his 1st July 4th at Ivanhoe and watched fireworks on the 
 pontoon boat

-He no longer eats baby food..its all table food. He still has formula but     
 typically only takes his night time formula out of a bottle. The other 2
 times he has formula he drinks it out of his sippy cup

-He is starting to understand what NO-NO means and we spat his little hand
 when he tries to grab things off the table. Half the time he still grabs for it
 over and over! My mom swears that he will be my pay-back! But once I really
 get stern with him he moves on when I say No-No

-He still naps twice a day but its normally a good 1.5 hour nap in the morning
 and only a 30 or 45 minute one in the evening

-He got his first haircut

-He also got his 1st real Boo-Boo while trying to walk

-We found out Bowen will have to have another hypospadias surgery on
 December 19, 2013 ! :( The first surgery did not heal correctly so they will try
 to repair and fix everything. I was not a happy Mommy but it's just what has
 to be done

I seriously love each and every stage more than the last. I feel like my baby has turned into a little boy! I am very proud of him. I look forward to all the giggles, tears,  & excitement that we will share along the way! Bowen...Mommy and Daddy love you so much. Know that we will always be your biggest fans!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Mr. Bowen is 8 months old!

I know I say this each and every month but I just can not figure out how times goes by so fast ! My little boy is 8 months old. He is growing and learning so quickly that it amazes me. When I look at him I feel unbelievably blessed. Half the time I just stare at him in amazement that God allowed Casey and I to create such a beautiful little life. Being his mommy has filled my heart with so much joy. Everyone always says when you become a mother your life is over but I look at it as my life is just beginning.

This past month Bowen has really gained a lot of confidence with his crawling and pulling up. When I say he pulls up on EVERYTHING , I am not exaggerating ! There is absolutely no way to keep him in one place. We started eating real foods ( mashed potatoes, raviolis, peas, Mac n cheese , spaghetti , yogurt and so much more ) Bowen is definitely my little eater! Again just like his Da-Da : ) over this past month Bowen has really started jabbering . He tells the best stories !!

The biggest thing that has happened this past month is Bowen had his hypospadias surgery at Texas Children's Hospital on Monday June 17th. This was very nerve racking for me. My little boy had to be put to sleep and I just wasn't okay with it at all but what other choice did I have.? But I have to say, our experience at Texas children's was as pleasant as it could be ! The anesthesiologist , his doctor and the nurses were all amazing. Bowen is still recovering but is doing well for the most part . The catheter is causing Bowen to have bladder spasms when he has a bowel movement which is no fun. I hate that there is nothing I can do for him. His pain meds work great for the first 5 hours but the last hour that its supposed to last I can really see a difference in him. But through this experience I learned that my Bowen Michael is a trooper !! Nothing can keep him down :)

We love the pool . I have a water bug

We are wearing size 6 months and 6-9 months clothes

We are in size 3 diapers but on the verge of moving to size 4 ( right now with the catheter we are wearing both sizes since he has to wear 2 diapers )

He still has formula but its in a sippy cup except for his night time bottle .

I know walking isn't too far now , He can pull up and walk down the couch or coffee table holding on.

We are still battling ear infections. He has been on antibiotics for 20 days. Hopefully he can get rid of them, otherwise I'm afraid he will have to have tubes in his ears :/

We are at the stage where he is a total Momma's boy :) I can't lie , I totally love it lol

My baby boy is growing like a weed! He is my best friend and pray that he will always feel how loved he really is. We love you to the moon and back Bowen!! <3 happy 8 months sweet pea!!

Monday, May 20, 2013

7 months old ! My little man :)

Holy Cow ! We are 7 months old today...

It's still so hard for me as a mom to wrap my head around the idea that my baby is growing up so fast. Don't get me wrong I LOVE the stage he is in and I wouldn't trade it for the world but I just feel like it's all happening so fast that I cant even take it all in. Watching Bowen's little personality develop is so neat. Ask anyone that is around him...He gets it from his momma. ( I want it and I want it NOW ) However, he looks just like his handsome Daddy! Casey has already told me that Bowen is our payback from how I was as a child Ha-Ha ! I guess I'll have to post it, even though I am so jealous... Bowen says Da-Da ! It's all I hear over and over and over. At least I take comfort in knowing that he says Da-Da but still wants his Momma! This past month has been just as amazing as the rest. Bowen is really active now feels my heart with so much pride and joy!

This past month Bowen has:

Learned to sit up on his own ( 4-20-2013 )

Learned to go from laying down to sitting up (5-8-2013)

Learned to pull up ( 5-12-2013 on Mother's Day )

Learned to crawl ( 5-15-2013 on Mommy's Birthday)

Says Da-Da

Takes a bottle 6 oz every 3 hours

Sleeps through the night

Wears size 3 diapers and size 6 month & 6-9 months clothes

Eats some table foods and ALL Gerber baby foods

Went to his 1st Sylvan Beach Day

Loves that he is now mobile

Loves outdoors

Loves his puppy Rebel

When he is really excited he scream "HAAAAA"

Here are some pictures from this past month :

And the video below is Bowen crawling :)

You are my sunshine
My only sunshine
You make me happy
When skies are grey
You'll never know dear
How much I love you
So please
Don't take
My sunshine

<3 Mommy.!