Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Boy Oh Boy !!

Well.. I'm back again :) & I am soooo excited to say that Casey and I are having a little boy.

His name will be Bowen Michael Nowetner and we just can not wait to get our hands on him ! Casey and I went to have the gender determination ultrasound on May 3, 2012 when I was exactly 16 weeks pregnant! If you know me at all you know that I absolutely could not wait another month to find out the sex. I am way too impatient haha, at least I admit it. Anyways...We love to see our little peanut any chance we get so this ultrasound was very exciting. It was only supposed to be a 10 - 15 minute ultrasound but...apparently our baby has my stubbornness!! First he was sleeping, he looked so peaceful. His little legs were tucked underneath him and his arms were folded under his little head! The ultrasound tech kept shaking my belly a little to try and wake him up but he just wasn't having it! So then I had to drink some apple juice and walk around for a bit. Next time we tried to take a peek he was awake but not cooperating...he kept his legs crossed and his hands over his boy part. He was embarrassed that so many people we looking at him! But FINALLY he let us see between his legs and he is definitely a BOY ! It was kind of funny because once we saw he was a boy and we all got excited and started laughing and talking he was showing off then! What a little turkey already :)

Bowen Michael Nowetner - you are one loved little boy already. Keep growing and getting stronger because we are so ready to meet you come October ! I have felt a little "flutter" a few times and it is magical  ! I am ready to really feel you kick soon ( I'm sure I am asking for trouble ). Love you baby boy!

I also wanted to share in this blog that my best friend Samantha has found her wedding venue :) I am so excited for her and Kyle and I am ready to start doing all of their wedding stuff! Love you both so much!

My nephews turned 1 on April 24th ! They are growing so fast.

Well that's all for now! I have my next doctors appointment on May 31st so I'm sure I will have something to say then.  <3