Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Our Little Peanut !

I am just sooooo excited to write this blog! :) Yesterday I had my first doctor appointment with Dr. Milner, I was 8 weeks and 4 days along. I couldn't even focus at work because I was just ready to see Dr. Milner and finally have a good ultrasound. Well, my appointment was at 3:30 and as usual Dr. Milner and his nurse were so welcoming and excited for me. It made me feel right at home! My grandma, Nanny had asked me if she could go to the doctor with me since unfortunately Casey had to work so she was with me for the big day. They did my yearly pap and all that stuff and when it was time for the ultrasound they called Nanny back to be there with me. As soon as he started the Ultrasound I immediately saw our little baby and a HEARTBEAT flickering !! Words really can't even describe how I felt in that moment. I was so relieved and thrilled that our little one had a strong heartbeat. Dr. Milner just kept saying, " Gorgeous, wonderful, perfect ! " & that is exactly how I felt about baby Nowetner. Then Dr. Milner turned on the sound so that I could hear the baby's heartbeat :) It was very strong and 184 bpm!!! He measured the baby and everything was good, baby measured at like 8 weeks 2 or 3 days but that does not change my due date. I was just so happy I wasn't really saying much but I was enjoying every moment looking at the screen. We sat there very quiet and we saw the baby MOVE! That's when Nanny got excited. The whole experience was wonderful. Dr. Milner gave me 3 pictures and gave Nanny one because he is just too sweet.

Our Little Peanut !

Strong heartbeat :)

I go back to the doctor on April 9th when I will be 12 weeks & 4 days. I think I will see fingers and toes :) Now I am just debating on if I wasn't to have that blood test at 12 weeks to determine gender or just wait until my 20 week ultrasound. I love ultrasounds, they are just so special so I am kinda wanting to wait until then to find out the gender. Well ill keep updating as I get news ...

BTW... I intended to write how nauseated I had been feeling over the past couple of weeks ( not to complain just to document ) but now that I see a healthy baby so far all that throwing up is well worth it ! Only about 31 more weeks to go !

We love you so much our sweet little baby.  Love Mommy & Daddy !