Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Bowen is 10 Months Old

Oh wow, my little man is getting so big. 10 months old ! Before you know it we will be singing him HAPPY BIRTHDAY on his 1st birthday .... Now more than ever his little personality is emerging and I am loving watching him develop. He does have a bit of temper at time but the biggest quality that stands out to me is how determined he is. I can tell him "NO-NO" move him away from whatever he is after and he automatically heads right back to it. (even after a few spats on his hands lol). He is such a happy baby, constantly smiling or being a little ham. He is so independent now, which hurts my heart because I love to snuggle with him!! But now that he is walking he has places to go and people to see :) ! Casey and I have noticed over the past couple to weeks that he is in love with Casey's guitars. Anytime he get the opportunity to go into our front bedroom ( where all the guitars are ) he immediately heads straight for them. He beats and bangs on them mumbles dada-baba-maaaa - I consider it his singing !! None the less, he needs a guitar ASAP! Don't worry I am already on it, Christmas shopping has already started at the Nowetner house. When Bowen was only a couple months old I decided to make one of our extra rooms a playroom for Bowen. Everyone thought I was totally nuts because it would be a while before Bowen would really learn to enjoy a mickey mouse playroom. But let me tell you what it was seriously the best idea I have had..! He loves having all of his toys in there with a TV he will move around the room playing with whatever makes him happy at the moment!! This room should last him quite a while !

Fun Facts:

Bowen is walking now! The only thing that he is lacking is going from sitting to standing. He can pull up on any surface and walk forever. He will literally walk around babbling forever. He can blend down and pick something up and keep walking just not sit to stand yet.

He went to his first wedding on July 27, 2013 - His Aunt Samy & Uncle Kyle got hitched!

He is wearing size 4 diapers

Size 9-12 month clothes. Now that he is walking I prefer him in separates instead of onesies & rompers

He typically only has his night time bottle. He still has his formula but he just drinks it out of a cup.

He is eating all table food and he LOVES it.

He says Da-Da and Maaaa-ma but its a chore to get him to say Mama ! Dada is always coming out.

He loves his Laugh and Learn House!

Outside fascinates him

Rebel and Dixie are his best friends

We picked out his birthday décor already ( Mickey Mouse)

Watching Bowen grow these past 10 months has been nothing short of amazing. I look back at his newborn picture and thank the lord for putting this beautiful miracle in my life. Casey and I can not imagine our life without him. I get teary eyed at times just thinking how wonderful he is. Even in the times of teething, getting peed on, belly aches & sleepless night...there is not one thing I would change at all about having my baby boy.

I love you so much Bowen Michael... Happy 10 months sweat pea!