Sunday, November 18, 2012

Bowen is 1 month old !

Where has time gone ?! My baby boy is already one month old.....

The past month has been nothing short of amazing. I seriously think my heart grows bigger with love every single day! Part of me is sad that time is flying by, but the other part of me is enjoying every minute and can't wait to witness the next stage of Bowen's life. Casey is an amazing Daddy. Seeing him interact with Bowen totally melts my heart and makes me fall more in love with him!! Here are some things that have happened over the past month that I don't ever want to forget as life happens so fast..

-- When Bowen finally falls into a good sleep, he smiles

--He is wearing size 1 diapers !

-- Bowen is very strong with his head now...Mommy and Daddy were so proud last week when he was getting some tummy time on his play mat and he lifted his head up and turned it the other way ! :)

--He lost his cord on November 5th during the night

-- Starting at about 2 weeks Bowen sleeps for a stretch of about 4.5 to 5 hours during the night !

--Bowen is now drinking 3.5 to 4 ounces of Enfamil.

-- He loves to sleep in his nap nanny

-- We got confirmation that Bowen does have hypospadia...but its nothing major and will be corrected at 6 months

--October 25th @ Dr. Appointment Bowen weighed 7.14

--November 2nd he weighed 8.7 and 21.5 inches long

--November 5th he weighed 8.11

-- Bowen LOVES to get his hair brushed after bath time

--Finally at 3 weeks old Bowen is starting to enjoy baths !

-- Bowen can always be calmed down by hearing mommy or daddy sing to him.

The list could go on and on but those just some of the things that have happened over the 1st month. Bowen has completely stole my heart and I am so excited to see what new things he will accomplish over the next month.

Here are some pictures taken Saturday November 17th when Bowen was 4 weeks exactly ..

Friday, November 2, 2012

My Whole World...

So after all the anticpation October 20th, 2012 was finally here ! We were going to finally get to meet our baby boy. To answer your question... No, the night before I did not get ANY real sleep. I tossed and turned thinking of how different my life was about to be. I kept thinking of how I would feel when I first held my boy or how I would feel seeing Casey love on our little man. When I did sleep I dreamed of what I thought Bowen would look like. My mind just wouldnt turn off! But don't take this as a complaint, it was pure excitement ! That morning Casey and I were bright eyed and bushy tailed at 4:45 am ! If you know me at all , you know that I am so NOT a morning person! Little did I know from that day on I would cherish EVERY morning. Anyways we both showered , got dressed , packed the car and off to the hospital we went. It was so neat to see Casey so excited and anxious, we were both all smiles.

When we got to the hospital we went and checked in and within 25 minutes or so they had me in "Triage" in room number 6 prepping me for my C-section at 9:45.  I had the sweetest nurse. Her name was Tao ( Towel is how it sounded ) She explained everything and let family come back to see us before it was time to have a baby! All of our family was so supportive and excited for us so it made having a baby such a pleasant experience. My anesthesiologist came by to meet me and ask a few question...At first I was really offended by him because he was very dry and had zero bedside manners but he rubbed off on me and took wonderful care of me. Then Dr. Milner came by to see me around 8:30 or so and he told the nurse that if she could have me ready soon then they would start the procedure early ( that's when my nerves started to set in... heart racing, mind going 90 to nothin..the whole 9 yards ! ) so Casey got suited up, i told my family i loved them and away we went to the OR. I kissed Casey and told him I would see him when we were about to be parents! Casey had to wait outside the OR while I got my epidural and got the procedure started. He told me later that the wait outside the OR which was only 10 minutes or so felt like FOREVER ! I was nervous about the epidural , but Dr. Milner let me lean on his chest and squeeze his shoulders if I needed to...but I never even felt the stick! So at this point I loved my anaesthesiologist! OH its the weirdest feeling to be numb! I remember the actual C-section. Laying there strapped down, looking at the ceiling , listening to the Doctor and Nurses calling out things to each other, but things were kind of fuzzy because along with the epidural I had something to relax me which made me sleepy! I do remember Casey getting the come in the room and he sat right next to my head and talked to me. It was long and we heard a baby cry !!!!!!!!!! Even though I was groggy, I remember feeling relief and complete ! My baby was here! The nurse did a qucik pause as she walked past us to clean Bowen up and all i could see was lots of dark hair... I was so amazed !!!!! Casey went with the nurse to see our love bug get weighed and checked out. Once Bowen was pretty cleaned up Casey carried Bowen over to me ( I was still srapped down and had a oxygen mask on my face so I couldnt hold him or kiss him yet!!! ) but Bowen was crying and as soon as Casey touched his head to mine he stopped ! In that moment I felt something that words just cant describe. Bowen had to go to the nursery and the Doctors had to put all my insides back and sew me up so Casey went with the nurse and they showed our families who were so patiently waiting our pride and joy!
Once my procedure was over I had to go to recovery for an hour before I could go to my room and see my baby boy. It was best though because I was so out of it at that point I needed to let the medicine wear off so I could be alert when I first got to see Bowen. Time flew by and finally Tao was taking me to my room! I was greeted by everyone...My parents, grandparents, Caseys parents, Nana, Uncle Stephen, The Taylor Family, My Brother and Ashley, cousin Adrianna, My best friend Kylie , kaitlyn and Kadie ( If I forgot anyone that was there right away Im so sorry , remind me and I will update my blog ). Everyone was all smiles. I loved seeing everyone but I just wanted to see my baby now that I was alert! The nurse told me that it would another hour or so before Bowen could come to my room because they were not done with him in the nursery yet. I just wanted to see what my little boy looked like because it was so hard to remember exactly what i saw in the OR and plus that was only for about 10 seconds. So everyone in the room started pulling out their phone and cameras to show me. I immediately started crying once I saw my little man. He was more than I ever dreamed of. So beautiful. Daddy's nose. Mom's chin. A head full of dark hair. and a gorgeous skin tone. But more than anything he was my whole entire world. Casey and I ( with God's help too ) created this little miracle. Seeing pictures and videos was such a blessing but still I just wanted him with me...
Finally there was a knock on the door and the nurse was bringing in Bowen ! Ahhhhh :)) She put him in my arms and my heart just melted. He was so peaceful. So everything I have ever wanted. Everyone always told me that motherhood is something you just can't describe, the best feeling possible & I am here to tell you that those people were right. From that moment on I knew Bowen will ALWAYS have my heart. As soon as he opened those 2 little eyes and looked at me when I started talking to him said it all. He knew exactly who mommy was and I pray that I will be the best mother to him that I possibly can be. He deserves nothing but the best so I will always try my hardest to be all that i can be for him. I could have held him forever and never gave him up but after I had some bonding time I wanted all of the family and friends that came to get some baby loving too. He was passed around the room and got to meet so many wonderful people on his birthday!
The rest of the evening went well..I started pumping so that Bowen could have my milk instead of formula but long story short , the nurses weren't very helpful with that and I wasn't a very patient person when it came to pumping so I pumped a couple of times and gave up while we were in the hospital ( However I am breast feeding still and ill explain more in my next blog )
Bowen slept like a champ while we were in the hospital ! Like 5 hrs during the night both nights :) Casey was so much help in the hospital because the 1st night I wasn't able to get up out of bed so he would have to bring me everything i needed when Bowen needed to be changed or fed. & the 2nd night was pretty painful because I had no more strong pain meds and I was having to more around more. We only had to stay 2 nights in the hospital though ...We left Monday around 11 am ! Bowen , Casey and I were excited to go home and have a baby in the house !!!!!

Bowen Michael Nowetner
Born: 10-20-12 @ 9:18 am
Weight: 7 lbs 14 oz
Length: 19.25 inches
Bowen is the light of our lives ! He stole Mom and Dad's heart and we cant wait to see where there journey takes us. We love you more than you will ever know Bowen <3