Thursday, March 16, 2017

Half a year ! My Princess is 6 months old!

Happy half birthday to my precious green eyed baby girl..!

Some things that Mommy will never forget about you baby girl are:

- Those beautiful green eyes that melt me
- They way you rub your eyes and throw your head back when you are sleepy
-How you love to eat baby food so much that when its all gone you start to fuss
-How when you are nursing you unlatch just to give me a smile 
-The way you kick your little legs when you are watching your brother or cousins play
-How you constantly make sure I am still there by looking at me every 2 seconds
-How you sound with that raspy little voice of yours 
-The way your smile with your mouth wide open

You my little love are an angel....God sent you here for great things! One day you will move moutains little one.

Since you are my last baby I find myself taking in the moments more...Even on the days that you are more fussy than normal or on the days that life is crazy matter what I am your comfort. There is something to be said for that. Sure, there are times that I just want you to sleep or let daddy hold you BUT more than any of that I love that you depend on me. That you love me so fiercely that I am who you want. It's a feeling that I can not really put into words but more a bond we share. You and your brother are my sunshine. 

You are finally sleeping in your crib, flat, not swaddled at all and you are rolling to your tummy to sleep! I was a nervous nelly at first but you are old enough and rolling so well that your Doctor said it wasn't a concern. We had to do the cry it out method :( no worries , your bubba went through it too! Anyways you are sleeping from like 8 pm - midnight ( waking for a couple minutes & self soothing back to sleep) and waking to eat at around 5 or 6 am ! You typically take 2 naps a day...a morning one and a afternoon one if we are at home. If we are on the go you don't want to miss a thing so you get way overtired. I am just so excited that we got rid of the is that dang paci!!!

You are wearing 3 month clothes & 3-6 month sleepers
Size 2 diapers
You weigh12 lbs and a couple ounces 
You love being outside 
No teeth yet but I swear you are teething
You love ALL baby food now
You are still a Momma's girl but are getting better at letting daddy and others console you
Bath time is still a big hit for you
That stinking paci is your obsession, you will reach for it and get it back in your mouth by yourself 
You are so close to sitting up
You are using your voice more 
Light up toys are your favorite right now
Your jumper-roo makes you smile 
You DISLIKE peas and green beans
You got in the hot tub for the 1st time and loved it
You stayed the night away from me for the first time at 5 months old
Still drink 4-5 ounces every 2-3 hours. Breast when with mommy and bottle with others

Happy Half Birthday pumpkin ! We love you to the moon and back :) 


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