Thursday, March 16, 2017

Happy 3 months Babygirl

our sweet little girl is 3 months old! This past month we have watched her grow and develop so much. She celebrated her first Thanksgiving !! She even made her first trip to Disney World that was her first airplane ride!! We are so blessed to have our little miracle here with us.

Disney World was a blast. Big Brother Bowen LOVED it as usual and Bristol was such a trooper. She slept in her stroller, nursed wherever ( but Disney has "baby care" centers and nursing rooms which is amazing), and slept like a champ during the night at the cabin. I was really nervous on how it would be taking a baby but it happened to be the perfect age as far as her being content just being in her stroller. 

-Bristol is still wearing some newborn clothes and some 0-3 month clothes.
-She is still breastfed ! 
-Wears Size 1 diapers
-Smiles when she hears my voice
-Still dislikes tummy time very much
-Still sleeps in a rock n play in Mommy & Daddy's room
-Goes to bed around 10 and sleeps till around 6 am , eats and sleeps another 3 hours!
-She got her ears pierced on December 15th 
-She loves when Bowen talks to her...she always gives him the biggest smiles

Miss Priss is such a sweet baby. She's way more laid back than her big bubba was at this age. Case and I are enjoying every minute of watching her grow. Grow baby Grow.


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