Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I'm Not a Princess, This Ain't a Fairytale..

So as I mentioned in my last blog, Casey & I are so ready to start our family and have a little baby Nowetner! But what I didnt say is that Casey & I are going to have to have some help with conceiving baby Nowetner. At first it was really hard for me to talk about because I felt like there was something wrong with me, or that it was my fault. I guess I just dont handle things very well when they are beyond my control. Casey has been wonderful through us finding out that there are some issues with getting pregnant. He is always so positive which really lifts my spirits about the situation. I couldnt imagine going through this with anyone else. Also, my doctor, Dr. Milner, has been beyond amazing and very comforting! For about a year ( maybe a little over a year) I have been extremely irregular with my cylces. When I talked to Dr. Milner about this he did an ultrasound and a test to make sure my tubes werent blocked. From the ultrasound, he saw that I had some dense spots that were abnormal so he wanted me to have a DNC ( Feb 2011) in hopes that it would basically let me start fresh. Well, that didnt do anything different I still am way off!

So Dr. M sat me down and told me that I was going to have to have some help from Provera and Chlomid. At first I was upset but then Dr. M told me that this is "just a bump in the road, not the end of the road". He also assured me that there is no reason why Casey and I can not be parents. It will just take positive thoughts and maybe a little more patience than most. Today, I am not upset at all..I really dont care what steps we have to take to have a baby ...as long as we have a baby that's all that matters. I really believe in my heart Casey and I will have a baby :)

What is Provera ? Provera is a little pill that I have to take for 10 days! All it does is jump start my cycle. So far I am on day 5 of Provera 10mg(January 1, 2012). I was told to take these all 10 days unless my cycle starts...but most of the time people take all 10 pills and there cycle starts a few days after the last pill. What happens if the Provera doesnt work ? Well honestly I dont know because I am putting all of my faith in hoping it does work. Thinking positive!

                                              This is Provera !    

Once the Provera starts my cycle, I will start Chlomid on day 4 -8 of my cycle. Chlomid is a fertility drug that increases the chance of pregnancy. It helps women ovulate ( produce a mature egg ) during their cycle. Casey and I hope that this pill makes all the difference for us! Good news is that there are different doses of Chlomid so you start at 50 mg, then if that doesnt work.. 100 mg, and as a last resort 150 mg...

This is Chlomid

I will definetely keep my blog updated as things happen, but as of right now we are just waiting for Provera to work its magic and start my cycle...One step at a time...! Keep your fingers crossed that everything goes as planned!


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