Friday, January 13, 2012

News, News, News !!!

OK, Well I have some good news & some bad news....

Let's start with the good first ! In my last blog I talked about the fact that I started my provera on December 28th and took my last pill on January 6th. I was very hopeful while taking the pills that I would start my cycle and then I could start my chlomid, but as days kept passing I lost hope and would get really upset thinking that provera didn't work at all...but 6 days after the last pill (January 12th) my little friend came to visit :) I don't know many women that get excited for this time of the month but Casey and I were VERY excited ! Its just the first step of many to get us a little baby Nowetner. So, now I will start my chlomid on day 4 which will be January 15th - 19th. I can not wait !

Now for the bad news...Right before Christmas my Mother in Law found out that she has breast cancer :( It was so shocking and unexpected, but she is dealing with it very well. Good news is that the cancer was caught extremely early (stage 1) and all of the doctors are so optimistic that this process will be smooth sailing. My mother in law is a very determined and strong woman, so i have no doubt that she will fight cancer with everything she has and BEAT it. In 2005 my Nanny was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma and she was a trooper as well. She went through Chemo but with all of her family and friend support and faith in the Lord she is now a cancer survivor :) Cancer isn't fair and happens without notice but these 2 very important women in my life have shown me what it means to be brave, to never give up, and how to put all your faith in God because without him you don't stand a chance. My mother in law had a double lumpectomy ( Jan 11 ) so now we are just waiting to found out all of the results from pathology, which I feel very certain that we will have some good news come next week when those results are all in. I have been asking for prayers on facebook, so now I will ask for prayers on here. Thank you so much.

& Last but not least, I have to blog about the Texans game this Sunday! I am so proud of the Texans for everything they have overcome this season. No one believed that they would even make it this far. Division Champs , and 2nd round of playoffs is nothing to be ashamed of. So Sunday @ noon I will be screaming my head off and totally in the zone. Yates better not look like a rookie, Andre Johnson needs to be a threat, Foster better hold on to the ball and use his legs, and Cushing has it taken care of on the defensive side. If you cant tell I am a HUGE football fan !! Go Texans and Go Denver ( until they play the Texans )

Until Later .

Lacey Nowetner  :)