Friday, February 24, 2012

Six Weeks...

Well today was mine and Casey's first baby doctor appointment ! We have been so excited for this day for 2 weeks :) so needless to say we were up bright and early this morning waiting till time to leave ! We stopped and got breakfast on the way because I was feeling nauseous then before you know it we were in the waiting room....

We got called back in the doctors office and it took FOREVER for Dr. Bruce to come in to see us, but finally she did. She did an ultrasound and saw that the sack had grown since last time and that there was a visible yolk sac now. We did not see an embryo yet and the Doctor never mentioned anything about a heartbeat...which kind of worried me but she said everything seemed normal for how early it is. She actually thought i might only be 5 1/2 weeks instead of 6 weeks. She wants to see me back in 2 weeks and said we should definitely be able to see an embryo. I am not going to lie I was a little bit disappointed because I went in expecting to see a definite little blob and hear a heartbeat. So I will be worried until I do see and hear a heartbeat even though Dr. Bruce didn't seem concerned.

6 week Ultrasound picture!

 The past 2 times I have been to the doctor I went to Dr. Bruce , she was my sister in law's doctor throughout her pregnancy with the twins. I thought I would really love her since my sister n law and I are so much alike but I have to say that I am not too fond of her. She isn't very personable to me. It really irritated me when I asked her today if there was any medicine I could take for a runny nose and allergies and she never even looked at me she just said well didn't you read your new patient packet from last time it told you what medicine was acceptable. First of all, she didn't give me and "New patient " packet last time I went to the doctor. & second of all even if she did when I ask my doctor a question I expect an answer not a smart ass response ! ( sorry I'm venting now ) I think it's because my normal doctor Dr. Milner is beyond amazing and ALWAYS makes you feel like his friend instead of just another patient. As you can tell I'm really looking forward to seeing Dr. Milner on March 12th :) He got me to where I am and has always been so sweet!

I am trying not to worry because God is in control and there is probably nothing to worry about anyway!!!!! That is my 6 week update ...

Oh & BTW ... My mother in law is on day 8 of radiation and doing wonderful !!

Lacey Nowetner !

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