Friday, February 10, 2012


AHHHHHHH !!!! I am just so excited that I don't know what to do with myself!!

Casey & I are going to be parents! :) I found out on February 8th in the evening time and ever since then I just can't stop smiling !

Ok, so lets start from the beginning...I took my provera and my Chlomid and used my fertility monitor to determine the days that I was ovulating. I went by exactly what it told me and it said I was ovulating Jan 28th and 29th. So of course I know that a positive pregnancy test MIGHT show up as early as 7-10 post ovulation! So for those of you that really know know that I am NOT very good at being patient lol. So I took a test on Feb. 4th and it was negative :/ , then I took another on Feb 5th, 6th, 7th which were all negative. On the 8th I had one more tests that I could have taken that morning but I just knew from taking the other million pregnancy tests that this one would be the same so I was absolutely positive that I was not pregnant so I just didn't take the test on the morning of the 8th...

I went to work not thinking about a baby at all , but when I got home from work that evening I was cleaning up the house a little bit and I picked up the box with the last test in it and I thought to myself " I might as well take this last stupid test and throw all this junk away"! So I did. And let me tell you it was a cheap dollar store test that you have to have a plus and a minus to be pregnant. So I set the test on the counter and watched it start to work...I watched both minus's show up and I immediately walked away and went to let my dog outside. I came back in the bathroom about 2 minutes later to take out the trash and as I walked by I just glanced over at the test. OH MY GOODNESS ! I stopped right in my tracks, picked up the test and held it as close to my eyes as possible! There was a faint line making the plus sign!!!!!!!! I didn't know what to do , and I didn't want to tell Casey yet because it was a faint line and I thought I might be seeing things. So I called my sister n law, Ashley and went over to her house to see if I was crazy !

I showed her the test and she said that there definitely was another line on there but that we needed to get in the car NOW ( she's kind of demanding :) lol) and go buy a good First Response test. We got it and went back to her house. I tested immediately and guess what !! The second line came up so quick and was not faint !!!!! We jumped up and down and cried a little and then I had to go tell Casey !!!!

I told Casey by putting the test in little camo baby boots and handing it to him. He was sooo excited ! We were both in shock and could not stop smiling! & that night was barely slept at all!  We also told both families that night :) It was a busy but exciting night at the Nowetner house but I wouldn't want it any other way.

I called and made my doctors appointment..I go 2 weeks from today on February 24, 2012 :) I will be 6 weeks and 2 days !! I can not wait to have an ultrasound and see our lil nugget !! Ahh I am so excited and ready to be a mommy ! &  even more than that I know Casey will be a wonderful daddy :)

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