Friday, January 11, 2013

Christmas Adventures 2012

This was a very special Christmas for Casey & I because it was our little Bowen's very 1st Christmas. And unlike most people that only have one or two days of Christmas ...we had 5 days of Christmas events :) I am not complaining though, we are blessed to having such amazing family and friends for Bowen to grow up around. Casey & I went all out on Christmas this year for Bowen. We know that he doesn't understand this year but it meant a lot to us that Bowen started new traditions with us this year. Growing up I always loved Christmas and didn't think it could ever get better than the year before, but now with having a child of my own I can honestly say that this Christmas was the best of them all. I'm sure with each and every year that God blesses me with my sweet boy I will say the same thing. Jesus is the reason for the season...and I can not thank him enough for giving Casey & I a beautiful baby boy. Bowen truly is my little sunshine.

Our first Christmas function was on December 20th... It was a Christmas Party with a few of the girls that I played softball with in High School. It is so nice to catch up with them every year. This year several great things happened, I had Bowen, Jessica had Jayla, Jill graduated and has a good job, Courtney graduated nursing school , Kayla got a new job that she likes, Paige started her last year of college and softball, Shelby is about to start her student teaching and Brit is doing AWESOME in nursing and will graduate in May with her bachelors. We are all growing up :) It's so neat to think we were all just kids that loved softball and now we are finding our way in life. Everyone loved meeting Bowen and Jayla. Bowen now has lots of pretty girlfriends :) Can't wait to get together with all of these special ladies again!

Casey, Bowen & I made cookies for Santa on the 21st :) Can't you tell, Bowen really enjoyed it. I was so happy to start this tradition with Bowen. Casey & I had a blast.

On December 22nd, We had Christmas with my Aunt Rhonda, Uncle Mark, Sydney, Corey, Adrianna, Rex, Jeremy, Kaitlyn, my parents, and my brother and his family. Seeing Drake, Hunter and Rex play together and love on Bowen was precious. They love Bowen... They will walk around screaming "BAYYYYBEEEEEE" then randomly come up and want to kiss him. Bowen will love having cousins to play with as he grows up.

The 23rd was a day filled with family ! We started out the afternoon with Casey's family, Nana , Julie, Fallon, Stephanie, Renee' & Stephen ! Because Thanksgiving was a bust for me I was so glad to see everyone interact with Bowen. We also got some great news from Steph : SHE'S ENGAGED ! We are so happy for her and Terry ! I loved getting together with this side of the family. This was Bowen's 1st time at his Nana's house :) Bowen decided it was nap time every time it was time to open presents lol so he slept through all the excitement...but that's OK !

After that on the 23rd, we went to my parents house to open gifts with them, Brandon & Ash , Drake and Hunter & Nanny & Pop. All of us kids were excited for Dad to open his gift because we all went in together and got him a Alabama engraved knife. He loved it :) We let from there and went to Houston Zoo Lights ! That was an event in itself. Parking was horrible, and the line to get in was forever long but we all made it in and it was worth the wait! Drake and Hunter got light up sword things that they totally loved ! Bowen would open his eyes so big because of all the colorful lights. A memory we will remember forever !

December 24th ( Christmas Eve ) All of the family on my side came to our house for lunch and gifts. It's always a blast having this group together. Next year Luke will be in this picture !

Christmas Eve night we set out Santa's Cookies, water for the reindeer and read Twas The Night Before Christmas. All new traditions for my little boy.

We woke up Christmas morning at 6 am & Santa came to our house!!! He left Bowen lots of goodies.. Bowen must have been a really good boy. I loved seeing my baby boy smile on Christmas morning.


Around 11 a.m. we loaded up and headed to Casey's parents house for Christmas with them. We tried to hurry because David and Eric were beyond ready for gifts lol. Poor guys now have to wait on us. Bowen got awesome things from Gram, PeePaw, Eric, David & Nana. But most importantly he is very loved. What a wonderful day it was!

Bowen's first Christmas will be something I cherish forever! I am really looking forward to the years to come. Thanks to ALL our family for making Bowen's 1st Christmas the best it possibly could be. We love each and every one of you more than you know. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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