Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Buck Deer Lease !

Bowen took his 1st out of town trip to the Deer Lease on November 30th - December 2nd. Casey and I were really nervous about a 5 hour car ride with a 6 week old but he did wonderful ! We had to stop at Buc-ee's to feed him but other than that he was great. We had a blast. Saturday the girls ( Meme.Aunt Ashley. & Mommy ) and Bowen went into town and shopped all day. Bowen was a trooper through it all. I had dressed him in a camo outfit that said "Daddy's Little Hunter " and everyone just thought he was the most handsome little thing ever. I'm pretty sure this will be the only year that I will get to take him to town for a shopping day because next year he will want to stay with Daddy and his cousins at the deer camp and do boy things ! I can not wait to see Casey and Bowen enjoy hunting season together. Bowen is growing so fast but we are enjoying every minute of it. Looking forward to many more Buck Deer Lease Trips!!

Here are some pictures of the weekend!

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